Writing a dancers resume

Keep your resume to one page if possible. Basic Information As with a normal CV, your dance resume needs a header that outlines your personal information.

Directors may be looking for a more senior dancer with experience, or may be looking for a younger dancer to invest in and groom. For example, place all of your Balanchine performances and education at the top if you happen to be auditioning for Miami City Ballet. The competitions can be ordered in chronological order, or in order of prestige, usually beginning with international competitions, followed by national and regional events.

As long as you provide relevant information in a quality format, feel free to modify the above sample. Many employers quickly scan resumes, so make it easy to get information from yours quickly.

For example, a contemporary dancer may want to list their tap dancing ability if they are auditioning for a musical that includes a tap scene. Always take an extra minute to read over your resume and ensure there are no missed periods and misspelled words.

Do keep your resume limited to one page. They should be the most memorable parts of your resume. Keep reminding yourself that a true dance resume is not universal for multiple companies.

Simply focus on your strongest aspects. Include the years you were there, the classes you took and what skill level you attained. Allow yourself to have a little fun with your words and try to make your resume engaging. Wait to have this conversation until after you have been offered a contract and then negotiate based on your past contracts, the cost of living, rank and opportunity for advancement.

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How to Write a Killer Dance Resume

Highlight your greatest achievements and necessary skills that will make you the best fit for whatever you are applying for. Date of birth can feel intimidating but is preferred for most dance jobs. Read on to learn more about this resume style. Training Writing up your header is the easy part! Mistakes to Avoid Untailored Information: A professional dance resume features information that would not be found on a run-of-the-mill basic resume, such as height, weight, dance skills, as well as, past repertoire and roles performed.

Sample Breakdance Resume

This is also a good place to list any teaching or choreographing experience you may have. Double- and triple-check your spelling and grammar. Include any companies or groups you were part of, as well as any commercials, music videos or shows you were in.

Dance Resume Writing Tips & Tricks

The Nutcracker be sure to list the company with which they performed and the year of the performance. Remember to keep your resume focused on your skills and experience.

How to Write a Dance Resume

As with any industry it can be a good thing to network. These skills can include acting, singing, gymnastics, and stunt work. Above all, keep your dance resume on a single page. Potential employers will sense a general template, so take a few extra minutes to personalize your resume for application.

The professional resume template is perfect for dancing professionals with extensive experience. Past resume standards asked for references, but today, they warrant a separate document. Utilize your dance resume as a marketing tool to secure auditions and to grow your professional career!

Stay positive and highlight your most compelling professional merits. If you have a lot of different training, feel free to leave out unrelated experiences.

Include Citizenship Status, if applicable.Make the most of every application with the free professional dancer resume template.

Creative Dancer Resume Template Guide

Secure your next interview and employment post. Resume Now's builder, resume examples, and resume writing tips are featured on some of the world's top online and offline publications including. Every dancer needs a resume, but not every dancer knows exactly what should be on their professional dance resume.

A professional dance resume features information that would not be found on a run-of-the-mill basic resume, such as height, weight, dance skills, as well as, past repertoire and roles performed. DANCE TRAINING. Motion Theory’s Hip Hop Master Class () Use our sample 'Sample Breakdance Resume.' Read it or download it for free.

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Professional Dancer Resume Template Guide

A dance resume is a wonderful tool for a dancer to use throughout their career. Whether applying for summer intensives, scholarships, and college dance programs, or gearing up for company additions and commercial gigs, a dance resume provides casting directors, choreographers and teachers with the necessary information to gauge a dancer’s.

Now that you know how to write a dance resume, you’re on the right track to finding the career of your dreams. Happy job hunting! Caitlin J. is a Manhattan-based professional dancer and fitness instructor. She is currently performing as a Brooklynettes dancer for the NBA season.

Writing a personal dance resume can seem overwhelming. Here are some ways to help you get organized and create the best dancer resume highlighting your up to date career.

Writing a dancers resume
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