Topics to write a 5 page essay on osteoporosis

An interesting note about Vitamin K is that in the body its function is to convert inactive osteocalcin to its active form Murray, Slow bone generation and replacement can be attributed to low levels of calcium and Vitamin D which are key components of the bone development process.

Bones are, therefore, vital as far as the body structure is concerned. It is also clear that exercise is critical to preventing osteoporosis. The mode of treatment depends on the level of advancement of the disease and should be done under the supervision of a medical expert.

This is in addition to the fact that red blood cells are generated within the bone marrow. Lysinemg B Complex mg Atkins,These nutrients can be taken as supplements or, better yet, they can be found in green leafy vegetables, soy foods, and healthy proteins while reducing refined sugars, soft drinks, and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Estrogen is one of the hormones that regulates calcium levels in the bones. Of these, alendronate is stated to show the "greatest efficacy in increasing BMD and preventing fractures and is the only FDA-approved bisphosphate for osteoporosis.

The type of exercise is less important than the regularity Murray, Bone mineral density testing can not only diagnose the disease but also foretell the risk of fractures whereas x-rays can only show fractures. Another important direction of current research is in a nationwide study of 77, women, researchers found a relationship between drinking milk and increased fracture incidence.

An important risk factor in men is hypogonadism. More research in this area is important to understand and confirm this dynamic.

Postmenopausal, taking Estrogen 65 1, Calcium intake effectiveness is dependent upon the proper levels of calcium being absorbed by the human body. The body is ever adaptive, and when a person exercises, not only are the muscles stimulated, but the bones are also encouraged to become more dense in order to handle the increased work load Surgeon General, Likewise, in men, testosterone has this effect, and there is a clear connection between lower testosterone and increased risks of developing the disorder.

Osteoporosis Essays (Examples)

The Boniva which is absorbed rapidly binds to bone, reducing the action of osteoclasts immediately. It can be done in numerous ways such as consumption of calcium and vitamin D, lifestyle changes, and medication. Vitamin D must be present in the body in sufficient levels in order for the body to absorb calcium.

The pharmaceuticals used to treat osteoporosis are classified as biphosphonates. In addition, sex steroids estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factor I secreted during puberty substantially increase BMD and peak bone mass. Furthermore, food and drug interactions do exist.

For those that live, the reduction in their quality of life is often permanent. Treatment is most often a combination of medication, nutrition, and exercise. Building good eating habits early in life is important. Dosage is usually 10 mg per day or 70 mg once per week. Men and perimenopausal women with osteoporosis more commonly experience secondary osteoporosis than do postmenopausal women.

Continuous exposure to osteoporosis can result into height reduction or stooped posture. This is why many women become vulnerable to osteoporosis after their change in life Siris, Many victims discover they have the disease once they suffer fractures. Women experience more rapid bone loss in the early years after menopause, which places them at earlier risk for fractures.

In particular, getting enough calcium and vitamin D is crucial. Since people are not usually aware of the presence of osteoporosis in their bodies until symptoms are pronounced, superior treatment of the disorder is also vital.

Although osteoporosis is most common in postmenopausal women and senior citizen age men, it is a disorder that can happen at any age. The examination and detection of osteoporosis can be done in two major ways:These range from bone cancer to osteoporosis amongst many other diseases.

This paper presents the case of osteoporosis by defining it and outlining its causes, symptoms, testing and diagnosis, and treatment.

Osteoporosis is primarily a disease characterised by reduced bone strength that makes it susceptible to fracture. Dec 03,  · Words: Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Treatment of osteoporosis revolves around specific calcium and vitamin D medication programs but first and foremost in importance is the institution of regular, healthy and appropriately strenuous exercise.

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The development of a regime to prevent osteoporosis is important in all older individuals and must also be considered by people of all ages. Although osteoporosis is most common in postmenopausal women and senior citizen age men, it is a disorder that can happen at any age. At you will find a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely for free.

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Topics to write a 5 page essay on osteoporosis
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