The variety of literary styles used in the short story girl by jamaica kincaid

The way the mother speaks back to her daughter makes me think that with this kind of communication, it would only leave the child stifled from developing its own values and way of life. The theme of girl reinforces this opinion.

I would tend to agree with Horvitz on this. Essay UK - http: The initial marbles given to Annie are from her mother after she recovers them from a package of oats. The setting of this story once again plays a major role in the theme of this story.

Authors create parallelisms by writing sentences close together which resemble one another in structure and content. Have you ever wondered why it is that all we seem to have learned from you is how to corrupt our societies and how to be tyrants?

The motherly advice exudes bitterness and anger. Others carry potent metaphorical lessons. Nor, finally, is it about black and white in America.

She basically believes that there are only two types of women: The mother tells the daughter how to act. San Francisco Examiner, The use of trunk to symbolize personality is highly thoughtful. I found it interesting how without ever describing the mother or the daughter I had a very clear picture in my mind of what was going on and the whole mood of the situation.

In between her guiding statements, she reprimands the behavior of her daughter that she has already observed. Later on, Annie obtains some new marble that symbolize the new world that Annie is attempting to fashion for herself Kincaid, Aside from creating a sense of how very much there is to learn, the parallelisms also make disparate behaviors seem on par with one another.

This object is used by the author to represent the self. Symbolism in the short story girl by Jamaica Kincaid Symbolism is one of the stylistic devices incorporated in literary works. The writing has force, feels urgent, the stakes feel high as if there are consequences for not following instructions, although we are not told what the consequences might be.

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A Short Story Analysis: “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid Essay Sample

The two marbles are different in color with one being white with blue while the other being white with yellowish brown. Bedford St Martins, The reader gets the impression that the advice that the mother gives her daughter has been passed.

The red girl is symbolic to the non-socialized order. In daily lives, trunks are normally used to putting old personal effects.

Discuss the short story and the girl in

Kincaid also received a nomination for the National Book Award for My Brother, a gripping chronicle of her relationship with her youngest brother, during his losing battle with AIDS.

It was written in Consequently, the mother links many tangential objects and tasks to the taboo topic of sexuality, such as squeezing bread before buying it, and much of her advice centers on how to uphold respectability.

There are numerous occasions where the mother emphasizes on food. Annie is facing a predicament for challenging the authority of her mother and by association of the colonial order although she fears the punishment of being thrown into exile.

For instance, almost the entire story is a series of parallelisms. Constructions of the Girl in Contemporary Fiction by Women. In the short story, the author uses the word Benna to symbolize sexuality. Once again this reiterates that a woman must act a certain way to not be judged.

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The Transformative Power of Domesticity The mother believes that domestic knowledge will not only save her daughter from a life of promiscuity and ruin but will also empower her as the head of her household and a productive member of the community.

Making such utterances in a church setting was both disobedience and sinful.A Short Story Analysis: “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid Essay Sample Jamaica Kincaid, born Elaine Potter Richardson, is originally from St.

John’s, Antigua (Britannica). She was born in and three years later she had learned to read by attending local schools which provided a british style education (Britannica). Literature / Girl / the protagonist is narrating her story.

But in "Girl," there's no real narrator. Of course not—there's no action, so there's nothing to narrate. Okay, so, G Genre.

Jamaica Kincaid has said that most of her work is vaguely autobiographical: "Everything I say is true, and everything I say is not true.

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Not sure what I'd do. Symbolism in the short story girl by Jamaica Kincaid Symbols in literary works materialize in a variety of ways and can be interpreted into ideas universal in nature than the physical aspect of the object used.

In the short story, ‘Girl’, Jamaica Kincaid utilizes the use of symbolism by incorporating tangible items such as the trunk. The short story "Girl", by Jamaica Kincaid, is a prime example of this relationship. The theme in "Girl" strongly suggests that a woman should be domestic and there is a certain way that she should act.

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The variety of literary styles used in the short story girl by jamaica kincaid
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