The theories from the movie of

Here are nine of them. It would be a much neater way of explaining why none of the other vampires are capable of reading her mind, or why Edward was capable of getting her pregnant when vampires and humans are seemingly unable to procreate.

Follow him on Twitter Rewatchability. Still, A for effort. Who the hell does that? After her gorgeous and surprising ability to fly through space using the Force left her in a coma, Leia woke up to finish off the movie, but her condition is otherwise unknown.

Jurassic World The fan theory: Could it be that his limp put him out of service, only for Deckard to step in as his replacement?

Star Wars Episode 9: Release date, cast, director and theories

Skynet could easily wipe out our entire civilization in a matter of weeks with nuclear weapons making more if it runs out and irradiating the planet so that no living thing could ever survive on it. The flying red convertible also suggests that Sandy is happily being whisked away to heaven at the end of the movie.

Only, what if she did? Or turned to ash or dust or whatever you want to call it.

Infinity War: 5 Theories About Avengers 4

McNab co-hosts the pop-culture nostalgia podcast Rewatchabilitywhich can also be found on iTunes. Grant in an unnamed role The official cast announcement on July 27 came just before the start of filming, confirming that Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams are back.

10 Outrageous Movie Theories You Didn't See Coming

Infinity War comes to an end, half the population of the universe is dead. We even had that at the end of the movie, where he would reveal himself to be the Genie, and of course Robin did the voice of the peddler.

It would have resulted in the big reveal that the Matrix was actually a human-created way of keeping advancing technology under control. So what The theories from the movie of actually ends up doing is skillfully manipulating events that lead to its own creation and Judgment Day.

Star Wars in photos: Abrams choose to flesh out the story of her parentage, or will he keep her as an orphan that was sold off by her parents for drinking money? According to an elaborate theory by Wolf GnardsJoey has a deeper reason for staying: Grant also join the Star Wars galaxy in yet to be named roles.

The Ghostbusters are in purgatory during Ghostbusters II. Overnight Peters body takes a drastic change for the adult, while he starts discovering white fluid all over his wrists. Uatu is part of an extraterrestrial species that is responsible for monitoring and cataloging the activities of other species on Earth and across its solar system.

I will give her a goodbye kiss for you. However, instead of making a better world, humanity crucified him. The adultery, we mean. The next brother asked for a stone that gave him the ability to bring back his dead lover, whose ghost disappeared as soon as she was brought back from the dead.

Toy Story The fan theory: Is Childs or MacReady the monster? Heck, in a pinch, it easily could release a bunch of airborne viruses and laugh as the entire resistance diarrheas to death.

You know, the cornfield where all the dead people go and come from. That said, after having his connection to Rey cut off by the end of The Last Jedi, Kylo might now be fully embracing his role as a Sith leader. Not only is Deckard a Replicant, but he is a Replicant implanted with the memories of a former Blade Runner.

Fight Club The fan theory: The dino is famed for being a genetic cocktail, with part chameleon, T-Rex, velociraptor, as well as cuttlefish and treefrogs. Although not why he takes such pleasure in messing with that gas station attendant. A theory emerged that the three brothers represented characters in the Harry Potter series: The show follows the recently widowed Danny Tanner, who in order to raise his three daughters, enlists the help of his brother-in-law Jesse andMovie fan theories are like assholes: most of them are full of shit, and you should shut up about yours unless someone asks about it first.

Sometimes, though, you come across a fan theory that is so well thought out, and fits so perfectly into the narrative, that you can almost convince yourself it.

While most movie fan theories are outrageous and unbelievably bizarre, there are a few that have turned out to be true. Here are nine of them. 1.

THE GENIE AND. The next Star Wars movie will use unseen footage of Carrie Fisher. Release date, cast, director and theories Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic.

Aug 07,  · Watch video · Directed by Richard Donner. With Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart, Cylk Cozart. A man obsessed with conspiracy theories becomes a target after one of his theories turns out to be true.

Unfortunately, in order to save himself, he has to figure out which theory it is/10(K). Hello Internet!


I'm MatPat. Welcome to The Film Theorists. Do you love overanalyzing movies and TV? If decoding Game of Thrones lore, dissecting the physics. When a movie's narrative isn't straightforward, fans sometimes drum up their own theories to explain its inconsistencies and plot holes.

9 Unbelievable Movie Fan Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Although a majority of these theories are far-fetched.

The theories from the movie of
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