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Asked why there was no official feedback to the union from GFS, Ms Schenck confirmed that there was no official report back but that she knew that Manual had various meetings with DMS management and had given them feedback on a regular basis of the findings and where GFS were on the matter.

He moved back to Winnipeg in and helped start W. At this meeting Manual explained that he did not want to do forensic testing because it would be futile because, if he were to tell the employees that there was going to be polygraph and handwriting testing, the culprits The great eastern life assurance company limited were suspected might have the right to withdraw from the process and then it would be a waste.

She felt sad, alone, abandoned, wanting to give up, threatening to resign and eventually sought psychiatric help by seeing Dr Fortuin. This being the case, it can hardly be expected of the first respondent to have done anything more, or else, which may have prevented this most unfortunate incident.

She said that the handwriting was vastly different to those on the notes and that there was no other option but to not continue to interview them. The next morning Mr Madima sought an indulgence to re-open cross-examination, which I allowed him to do. The fact that the report was promised but never deliver by GFS stands uncontested.


It provides as follows: He in his evidence in chief indicated that this meeting with the applicant would not have been less than two weeks after the incident. He however qualified it by saying that, why the turnstile reports were inconclusive, was that at the time that would have been the case as, if the door was closed, the control access going in and out of the DMS area was not as strict as it became after the incident because the area was still under construction.

He changed her holiday leave to sick leave. She did get medical assistance because Mr Mjekula suggested the wellbeing program of the first respondent. An e-mail was handed to the applicant in this regard which turned out to be an e-mail dated 19 January After she had gone to see Dr Fortuin, she was put on medication and it did help.

She therefore reported the matter to her departmental head, Mr Theo van der Berg the second respondent. Once these minimum requirements had been met, the deeming provision would kick in and would the employer be deemed to have contravened the particular provision of the EEA.

The applicant said that the reason why she only went to the EWP once was that when she went back, her therapist was busy with another patient, so she had to wait outside for 15 minutes.

In addition, or as a minimum requirement, the applicant bore the onus to prove that such employee of the first respondent had contravened the provision of the EEA. He testified that he met the applicant after he had met the second respondent, Mr van der Berg.

When she again had heard nothing, save for having to depose to an affidavit on 1 Julyshe approached her union and a meeting took place, it would appear towards the middle of July Thereafter again there was no feedback, notwithstanding the fact that her union made a number of calls to GFS and notwithstanding the fact that the applicant and her union were promised a full report from GFS as to what had been done, or not done, and the reasons for their conduct during the investigation.

The applicant persisted that the only reason why she found a permanent position in another department was because she had communicated with Ms van der Mescht.

The applicant told him about the experience that she had had and what had happened after that.

When that secondment had come to an end, due to the nature of the work in that area, the applicant had to come back to DMS, whilst on the other hand they had to continue searching for a suitable environment for her.Choose the Lipper Leader Rating from categories below that match your investment goals.

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The great eastern life assurance company limited
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