The case of the sole remaining supplier essay

But the technology was not always so sophisticated, and its early limitations form the background of this true story, told to Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Director Thomas Shanks, S. They enable us to pursue the ideals we have adopted.

After that and many similar incidents, the board begins to reconsider whether your company should sell to the pacemaker company. As mentioned already, the transistor company has a responsibility to its shareholders.

In the United States, a company that sells products that are found to be defective could be held liable for injuries or death to a consumer.

A Focus on the Case of Sole Remaining supplier - Essay Example

Using one of the theoretical approaches from "A Framework for Ethical Decision Making" or your textbook explain what you would do in this case. It is important to note that technology is continuously changing, as will the pacemakers and transmitters.

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Clearly, because their company is involved in the electronic industry, they are in a unique position to save lives of many people through their contribution to the pacemaker.

So, they continued to sell to the pacemaker company. One of the people on the Board told me later that the founders of Silicon Valley were the sons and a few daughters of blue-collar parents.

Members of the board feel this situation is a major lawsuit just waiting to happen and your company, as well as the company you supply, will be liable.

The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier

A decision to remain could result in several things ranging from lawsuits, diminished stock prices, and company failure. Liability is a concern for all, and no company is without blame or responsibility when the proof can be traced back to their doorstep. Doctors are not very adept at installing the pacemakers, which are extremely delicate; there is even a story of a person yawning deeply, pulling the pacemaker wire in his chest, and dying.

I believe that the company should admit the risks of using pacemakers, and if only the patients are willing to use them regardless of the risks, they could sell them to them. The moral issue s in this case.

While the argument from the pacemaker company regarding their business and the lives of those who need pacemakers has relevance, the company must first consider their liability and responsibility to serve in the best interests of their shareholders. Is it morally acceptable to sell to this company considering these circumstances?

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making http: Could these risks outweigh the life-saving advantages the technology has offered?

Finally, when considering the future of their own company, they must recognize that the liability does not end with the pacemaker company. Among the many companies with whom you have a contract is one that makes heart pacemakers. The biggest problem in this issue is that the pacemaker-company is making medical errors while they are pretending like their technology is complete.

Ethical warfare balances the good achieved in ending terrorism with the harm done to all parties through death, injuries, and destruction. These virtues are dispositions and habits that enable us to act according to the highest potential of our character and on behalf of values like truth and beauty.

This is not an example of text written by our writers! Facts of the case. Identify and evaluate alternative actions from the various moral perspectives applying the questions suggested in the article "A Framework For Ethical Decision Making".

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This approach starts from the belief that humans have a dignity based on their human nature per se or on their ability to choose freely what they do with their lives.View Essay - THE CASE OF THE SOLE REMAINING SUPPLIER from MANAGEMENT at Holyoke Community College. Applying Ethics: The Case of the Sole.

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The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier Though we live in a fast-paced ever-changing world today, we all still retain in us, an image of what an ethical. The evolution of the world has continuously led to the emergence of new approaches that have subjected most businesses to global competition and ethical.

Free and custom essays at! Take a look at written paper - The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier. Essay about Sole Remaining Supplier Case Study “The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier” demonstrates one of the many instances where individuals must contemplate their moral standards in.

May 23,  · Philosophical Issues and Ethical Standards Case Study: The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier The heart pacemaker is a modern wonder. The device has a timer that resets itself every time the patient’s heart beats.

The case of the sole remaining supplier essay
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