The american fondouk charitable equine hospital essay

By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. You can support the American Fondouk by clicking here. The American Fondouk Animal Hospital: I believe that such exposure, which parallels the type of experience I will gain at the American Fondouk, will make me a more well-rounded and globally aware veterinarian.

Global Veterinaria, 8 1 Successful completion of this project will produce epidemiological data that is useful for the American Fondouk in assessing the prevalence of infection, as well as provide valuable insight into the comparative pathogenicity of D.

As a result of what she saw, Mrs. With this donation, some hard work and the help of a few dedicated friends, the American Fondouk was established. Morocco was becoming increasingly fashionable on the Mediterranean circuit. The american fondouk charitable equine hospital essay is evident that these animals are economically valuable to their owners.

Three-quarters of a century later, modern-day Morocco is a developing nation, but many of its people are still poor.

Fez’s American Fondouk Promotes Equine Welfare

Project Rationale Lack of education and poverty contribute to common welfare issues these animals face. Kay has suspicions that this is not the case with donkeys and mules that are seen at the American Fondouk.

The intent of this project is to collect Baermannized fecal samples for microscopic analysis of the presence of L3 larvae, to compare pathogenicity of D.

In The Merck Veterinary Manual. There is a paucity of information in veterinary literature about this parasite in Moroccan equids, and it is not unlikely that incidences of morbidity are under-reported or not reported at all.

Antiquated husbandry practices passed down over generations often contribute to the higher incidence of medical issues seen in developing countries that are uncommonly seen in the developed world due to advances in veterinary medicine Kay, Malika Kachani of Western University—an internationally recognized veterinary parasitologist—the parasite load of D.

Kay is the pathogenicity and parasite load of Dictyocaulus arnfieldi in donkeys and mules, equine lungworms with a predilection for infecting bronchi and bronchioles Merial, The loss of working animals to sickness would be especially insurmountable, with detrimental socioeconomic implications Kay, Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery, and Reproduction.

But the American Fondouk is much more than a stable.

International Efforts

Personal and professional growth Non-profit veterinary medicine has always been at the forefront of my veterinary interests, and this project at the American Fondouk will allow me to learn more about how NGOs operate in an international setting.

As a non-profit veterinary hospital, it faces many financial and political challenges, but despite its limited resources, the hospital continues to provide critical medical care to over 20, animals that walk through its doors each year. My schedule is set so that I will work with veterinarians seeing cases until noon, set up the Baermann tests in the afternoon after rounds, and read results the next morning.

Poor efficacy of the most commonly used anthelmintics in sport horse nematodes in Morocco in relation to resistance. The inflammation from parasitic bronchitis causes mucus overproduction, which in turn leads to dyspnea, severe coughing, and inappetence Merial, ; Munroe and Weese, I plan to be at the Amercan Fondouk from July 6, to August 13, Fecal samples from equid patients showing respiratory signs will be collected and analyzed microscopically for the presence of L3 larvae.

In addition to technical skills, I will also be able to supplement management skills I learn from observing how the American Fondouk is run with those skills I have gained from directing Southside, a student-run healthy pet clinic offering subsidized veterinary care to low-income families in the Ithaca community.

Quantification of parasite load will be determined on a scale of 1 to 3 with 3 being a sample with the heaviest larvae load.

At that time, it was the heyday of extended European tours. Works Cited American Fondouk. Project Details Following in the footsteps of an Iranian and Ethiopian project, and under the guidance of Dr.

Role, impact, and welfare of working animals. Food and Agriculture Organization. Occurance of lungworm infection in equines and their associated risk factors.

An oasis for animals in North Africa. More specifically to Fez, there are an estimatedpeople whose livelihoods depend on working equids Orlean, At the time, there were 40, pack animals living in Fez.Dr. Claudia Cruz Villagran.

DVM, MS, DACVIM, DECEIM. (June-September) at The American Fondouk, a charitable hospital for working equids. Fes, Morocco. Diplomate of the ECEIM. Lecturer in Equine Internal Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

SA, Australia. Rossdales Hertfordshire · November 21, · After applying for a volunteer position with The BEVA Trust, Rossdales veterinary nurse Lynn Irving was chosen to travel to The American Fondouk, a charitable veterinary hospital based at Fez in Morocco, to assist and pass on all the valuable skills sets she has learnt whilst working at Rossdales.

American Humane Society and Canadian Veterinarian Making a Big Difference in Lives of Horses, Mules, and Donkeys Halfway Around the World by: Brian Adams, MSPCA-Angell The American Fondouk is a full-service charitable animal hospital in Morocco, operated by the Boston-based Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to.

The American Fondouk's Director, Dr. Kay, is a veterinarian whose goal is to provide clinical care to the donkeys, mules, and horses of vulnerable owners. About Dr.

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Kay. At the same time she aims to provide a facility for young veterinarians and students to engage in a busy equine hospital so that they in turn can go on to provide.

Rabat – Located in Fez, the American Fondouk is a charitable equine hospital on a mission to improve the welfare of working equines and the owners who rely on them. Today, the number of working. the american fondouk is a not for profit corporation whose mission is to better the lives of the working animals of fez, morocco and the families who depend on their labor.

morocco. the hospital treats mostly equines including mules, donkeys, and horses. the fondouk also has an educational mission. and encourages charitable giving.

The american fondouk charitable equine hospital essay
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