Petrol hike affect to india people

Development of bio-diesel, and government should allocate more funds for developing alternate sources of energy as well as develop high capacity goods and public transport system. Within three years petrol price has increased 10 times and is still increasing. Government offices are also expected to function.

Autos will not ply but buses will operate as usual in Tamil Nadu.

People Against Petrol, Paraffin Price Increase warn of nationwide shutdown

Government of India has de-regualted the price of petrol long before. Increase in number of vehicles also causes hike in petrol prices. So the thing we can do is to reduce oil consumption by using public transport for travelling to routine places like our office, markets etc.

The existing middle class is squeezed and many of those striving to attain the middle-class standard find it persistently out of remit will bring no negative impact on government employees as their DAs will be increase accordingly. Without tax on these fuels, the price will come down to nearly half of the present value, but how can a government run without revenue!

Use of high capacity transport system like train, ships instead of trucks and carrier vans. Stop blaming government and think how to solve it. And not in other countries? How can government provide roads, railways, hospitals, rural housings, education, health and so on, if they are cut short of revenue supply?

Taxing petrol and diesel was necessary for government revenue. Developing alternate sources of energy like solar energy etc. It is nothing but adding fuel to the fire.

But it is not only the central government which adds tax on these products.

Petrol price hike and its effects on our day to day life

If there is increase in international price then we have to bear price hike in India also. But the petrol prices are sky rocketing, and it is eventually going to affect each and everything that we use in our day to day life.

Why High In India?

Petrol and Diesel Prices : Why High In India?

At last but not least I want to say petrol is a natural resource and limited in nature. Adding to the high oil prices, the rupee depreciation against dollar has made the crude imports costlier.

Rise in fuel price not in our hands: But, is hike in price of Petrol and Diesel under Government Control? Business class like auto-rickshaw drivers shall transfer the burden to common people so they are also safe. The Government will also be increasing prices of diesel and LPG after the Presidential elections get over.

Apart from lack of subsidy, there is another important factor for high prices of the fuels — Central and State taxes! Use of cycles to go to nearby places instead of bikes or cars. This will have a more severe impact on poor people because poor households spend more than half of their income on food and only a tenth on fuel.

Poor people are already working hard to earn square meal a day and this hike is definitely going to paralyze these already-burdened people. NDA convenor and JDU President Sharad Yadav making the announcement for the bandh said, "Government has washed its hands off the decision on price hike but in reality it happens only when the Government wants.

Interstate buses to Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh will operate depending on the situation near the border areas.

The shut down, however, will be felt more in the BJP ruled states.

Fuel price hike to affect prices of essentials: NFF

Finance Minister is not reducing taxes on Petrol and Diesel?Oil companies have decided to hike the petrol prices by approx Rs. per litre by midnight. The decision of the second big hike in the last four months was taken after a long meeting of the heads of the companies.

The reason of the rise was claimed to be the weakening of the rupee against the. Fuel price hike to affect prices of essentials: NFF, The prices of essential goods would also increase to the decision by the government to increase fuel prices, the National Freedom Front (NFF.

Sep 05,  · Petrol will cost Rs a litre in Delhi from midnight, up from Rs a litre, said Indian Oil Corp, the nation's largest fuel retailer.

Similarly, a litre of diesel will cost Rs a. Tags: South Africa, Petrol Price, Fuel hike, People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increase Visvin Reddy says they are coordinating with various stakeholders to impose the shutdown if. Petrol price hike and its effects on our day to day life Petrol has become an indispensable part of our day-to-day life, and we can’t imagine our life without it.

But the petrol prices are sky rocketing, and it is eventually going to affect each and everything that we use in our day to day life. Sep 08,  · petrol price hike: Find Latest Stories, Special Reports, News & Pictures on petrol price hike. respectively. The surge in fuel prices has affected people in Mumbai the most, with petrol retailing at Rs.

per litre and diesel at per litre, after a 12 paise and 11 paise hike, respectively. India should avoid knee.

Petrol hike affect to india people
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