Old faithful

The arch is inscribed with a phrase from the legislation establishing Yellowstone National Park: Hydrothermal features are habitats for microscopic organisms called thermophiles: Another bugle call brought horse-mounted soldiers trotting onto the field for the flag-raising.

Know that when a webcam goes offline, experiences a disruption in service or image quality, we are working to fix the problem. Taps was played as lights winked out and quiet settled over the fort.

In the foreground are the parade grounds for historic Fort Yellowstone—the focal point of daily life at the fort. Construction is ongoing at the Mount Washburn Fire Tower. Each day began early with a bugler sounding Reveille. Assignments were then announced. Latest Updates August 8, At dusk, the bugler called all troopers back to the grounds for the lowering of the flag, and the day was concluded with a cannon firing from the top of Capitol Hill.

Terraces form when water rises through limestone, which then allows the water to carry high amounts of dissolved calcium carbonate. Images from these webcams refresh roughly every 30 seconds. It shows current conditions at the entrance with Roosevelt Arch in the background.

Static Webcams View current conditions at various locations around the park. Troops either headed out to patrol the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces and other nearby attractions, or remained at the fort to care for the horses.

The arch became known as Roosevelt Arch after President Theodore Roosevelt, who was vacationing in the park, spoke at the ceremony to lay the cornerstone in We sometimes experience problems with the webcams.

At the surface, carbon dioxide is released and the calcium carbonate is deposited, forming travertine, the chalky white rock of the terraces.

Look for wildlife—elk, bison, and pronghorn can be seen grazing here. Problem with a view? Occasionally you may see the top of oversize vehicles—RVs, tour buses, and delivery trucks—as they stop at the entrance station.Notes on Predictions: Predictions are not available when the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center is closed, typically early November through mid-December and mid-March through mid-April.

Old faithful
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