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For failure of the private respondents to vacate the premises Oblicon digests demanded, petitioner filed an ejectment suit against them. When one party is willing and ready to perform, the other party Oblicon digests not ready or willing, incurs in delay. WON petitioner Solidbank is liable.

If she refuses unreasonably to give her consent, the court may compel her to grant the same. It did not do so thus the rescission was invalid for not Oblicon digests compliant with the law.

Ayala Corporation reduced the price to P5, Subsequently, two of the real properties of the petitioner, which were recently subject of lis pendens, were sold to Development Exchange Livelihood Corporation. Whether the plaintiff entered into the contract with the defendant Antonio Vasquez in Oblicon digests personalcapacity or as manager of the Natividad-Vasquez Sabani Development Co.

A simple ex parte application for the issuance of a writ of possession has become a litigious and protracted proceeding. February 23, Facts: When CAL did not allow respondents, who were in possession of the confirmed tickets, from boarding its airplane because their names were not in the manifest, it ocnsituted a breach of contract of carriage.

They also executed a promissory note in favor of UCPB. The incompatibility must take place in any of the essential elements of the obligation, such as its object, cause or principal conditions. Whether or not Adrian Bernabe may be declared an acknowledged illegitimate son.

What occurred in the case at bar was legal subrogation. The insurance contract with CIC was a contract distinct from that of the PN contract between the sims and A that was not incompatible.

On account of the filing of this action against him, he filed a counterclaim of 1,pesos for damages. The motion to dismiss was in fact also for the benefit of Dr. There was no intention by the parties to supersede the obligations under the contracts.

Furthermore, the fact that the obligation had already ballooned to Judicial action is necessary for the resolution of a reciprocal obligation, since in every case where the extrajudicial resolution is contested only the final award of the court of competent jurisdiction can conclusively settle whether the resolution was proper or not.

It she refuses nreasonable to give her consent, the court may compel her to grant the same. A reading of clauses 1 and 9 of the bill of lading here in question, however, clearly shows that the present case falls within the third stipulation, to wit: On December 15,HLC instituted a case for sum of money, among others, for costs of labor escalation, change orders and material price escalation.

Under the Memorandum of Agreement, the failure by the petitioners to pay their debt within the one-year period gives respondent the right to enforce the Dacion in Payment transferring to it ownership of the properties covered by TCT No.

On February 2,a passenger truck and an automobile of private ownership collided while attempting to pass each other on the Talon bridge on the Manila South Road in the municipality of Las Pinas, Province of Rizal.

The grant of a day credit period merely modified the contracts by extending the period within which FSI was allowed to settle its obligation. The term of the letters was 8 months. The Vazquezes had every right to decline the upgrade and insist on the Business Class accommodation they had booked for.

Needless to say, these interruptions and stoppages meant that PAGCOR suffered a tremendous loss of expected revenues, not to mention the fact that it had fully operated under the Contract only for a limited time. The court rendered judgment releasing the defendant from liability, but reversing to the plaintiff the right to recover from the defendant reasonable rentals for the use and occupation of the premises.

Herce contested that the collapse is attributable to a typhoon, a force majeure that relieved him of liability.

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Solidbank also failed to adduce in evidence its standard procedure in verifying the identity of the person retrieving the passbook, if there is such a procedure, and that Teller No. Judge Consuelo YnaresSantiago dimissed the complaint on November 14, As a general rule, the death of either the creditor or the debtor does not extinguish the obligation.

It was stipulated that should the mortgagor default in the payment of any installment, the whole amount remaining unpaid shall become due.Posts about Obligations and Contracts written by lloydmendoza and janaldrinramos.

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Oblicon Case Digests - Topic - Kinds of Non-Performance. OBLICON digests.

19156970 OBLICON Defective Contracts Matrix

OBLICON CODAL. Codal on Obligations. OBLICON Reviewer. Quizzer ObliCon. Oblicon-codal. Rescission Oblicon. oblicon. LABREV CASE DIGESTS SET 2. Constitutional Law 2 Collated Digests. chapter 3, oblicon reviewer.

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Posts about case digests written by danabatnag. Under: Confusion or merger Issue: Whether or not confusion (or merger of rights) took place when a creditor bought the mortgaged land of his debtor, in effect extinguishing the debt. DESCRIPTION. Domel vs CA Facts: Domel enters into a contract with NNMRC to deliver rattan and buri.

Contract stipulates that if Domel. Posts about oblicon digests written by danabatnag. PASTOR B.


CONSTANTINO vs. HERMINIA ESPIRITU. Issue: May those who are not .

Oblicon digests
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