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As Icarus dramatically falls into the sea the event for one man was not an important failure; it made no impression on a passing ship with somewhere to get to; there is no reaction. He associates the tragedy of Icarus and the landscape of Bruegel with the events of his time when the Nazi were slowly taking over Europe, and the striking indifference of the rest of the world towards the despair of the unfortunate few.

In the first stanza the speaker makes observations from other paintings by the same artist, Brueghel, namely Numbering at Bethlehem, Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap and Massacre of the Innocents. The speaker states with a cool detachment how there always must be such a gap between the young and the old.

The second stanza reinforces the idea of separateness, of people at work, at play, whilst the disaster, the suffering, goes on elsewhere. Is it apathy that takes over? Auden creates a speaker who is, to all intents and purposes, delivering an opinion on various paintings that Musee des beaux arts essay example with human suffering.

Since the wings were made out of wax Daedalus instructs his son not fly too close to the sea since they will soak into water, but also not too close to the sun since they will melt down.

Icarus was a Greek mythological figure also known as the son of Daedalus. The myth is about Icarus and Daedalus who were arrested on the island of Crete by the King, and Daedalus constructs wings out of wax so they can fly away and escape from the island.

We need routine, we fear distraction. He links the events captured in the painting of Bruegel with real life and somehow concludes that despite miraculous events like birth as well tragedies like death occur around us, we remain indifferent and cold as life goes on.

Witnesses to those events the author depicts the ignorance of people: Unfortunately for Icarus he does not follow the instruction and flies too close to the sun and the tragedy strikes and he falls into the water and dies.

And a little further on the philosophical, fateful speaker asserts in a quiet fashion how martyrdom must run its course, no matter how dreadful, in some backwater, away from the hubbub of the crowd.

The philosophical question that surfaces from such an issue - Why is it that some can knowingly ignore the cries for help from those experiencing torture and pain? They continue skating on ice, oblivious to the one-off happening. These references highlight the strange, contrasting human experiences that are part of the fabric of life - one person suffers terribly, another carries on regardless with some mundane activity.

For example, in the first stanza there are children who did not want a miraculous birth to happen, despite an older generation passionately waiting for a miracle birth. How many times have we watched horrific and disturbing images from some remote place in the world, knowing that, not too far away, normal lives are being lived.

Are people consciously looking the other way to avoid involvement? Martyrdom Further Analysis Musee des Beaux Arts is an informal commentary on the bizarre human situations that arise in certain older paintings, notably one, The Fall of Icarus, which is now in the Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

There is an irony in this and the speaker captures it in a subtle, matter of fact fashion.W.H. Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts and Pieter Bruegel's The Fall of Icarus - W.H. Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts and Pieter Bruegel's The Fall of Icarus W.H.

Auden and Pieter Bruegel were both keen observers of the ordinary. Musee des Beaux Arts is a poem that focuses on human suffering, tragedy and pain by contrasting the lives of those who suffer and those who do not.

The vehicle by which this is achieved is the world of painting, in particular the work of the old masters. Auden is philosophical and conversational. The poem, "Musee des Beaux Arts" written by Auden, is a poem that explores how people respond to tragedy and the struggles that they go through in life experiences.

Musee Des Beaux Arts Essay

The poem's title is French for 'Museum of Fine Arts' which is located in Brussels. The poem is written in. Musee des Beaux Arts Essays: OverMusee des Beaux Arts Essays, Musee des Beaux Arts Term Papers, Musee des Beaux Arts Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. An Explication of W.H. Auden "Musee Des Beaux Arts" Essay - In poetry, the use of allusions is very common. Musee Des Beaux Arts. The poem, “Musee des Beaux Arts” written by Auden, is a poem that explores how people respond to tragedy and the struggles that they go through in life experiences.

The poem’s title is French for ‘Museum of Fine Arts’ which is located in Brussels.

Musee des Beaux Arts

The poem is written in a way that it seems that it is two separate poems.

Musee des beaux arts essay example
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