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Some differences not shown would have demonstrated how desperate the American situation at Ia Drang was. Literally down to his last square meal, he comes to the island with a loaded revolver, as suggested by his invitation letter.

A soldier with his MA1. To the left of the stack in the screencap is a slab sided rifle with no forward assist on the upper receiver or magazine fencing on the lower receiver. He then discovers Armstrong is absent from his room, and the remaining three guests conclude that Armstrong must be the killer.

A search for Mr Owen shows that nobody else is on the island except the remaining seven. Another shot of the same scene. Lombard is accused of causing the deaths of a number of East African tribesmen, after stealing their food and abandoning them to their deaths.

Some soldiers were less pleased: The Browning MA4 can be seen mounted on the jeep on the left. Note the milled receiver. Myron Didurykthe Ukrainian captain who Col. The writer-director bestows honor — generously, apolitically — not only on the dead and still living American veterans who fought in Ia Drang, but also on their families, on their Vietnamese adversaries, and on the families of their adversaries too.

The others find him seated, immobile and crudely dressed up in the attire of a judge. In reality, this last-ditch assault on the Vietnamese reserve at L-Z X-Ray did not happen; there was no heroic final charge at the battle, nor were the forces of the North Vietnamese destroyed as in the film.

A Viet Minh soldier rushes the french during the intro. Moore states in a documentary included in the video versions that this film is the first one "to get it right". Of note is that in real life, Plumley also carried an M Although he wished to create an unsolvable mystery, he acknowledges in the missive a "pitiful human need" for recognition, hence the confession.

An PPS submachine gun - 7. A pile of AKs. He admits in his postscript that he has a lifelong hidden sadistic urge to kill, but only the guilty.

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Panicked, each concludes the other must be the killer. He explains how he tricked Dr Armstrong into helping him fake his own death under the pretext that it would help the group identify the killer. A FPS view of an M60 firing in training. Vera, Blore, and Lombard decide to stay together at all times.

For instance, the film depicts a heroic charge under the command of Lt. MG34 with front and rear sights folded down - 7. A soldier sees a Type 67 Stick Grenade as it hits the ground nearby.

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Despite the aforementioned differences from the book and departures from historical accuracy, Gen. Wargrave is examined briefly by Dr Armstrong and pronounced dead from a gunshot to the forehead. A close-up of the M60 during the training. By lunchtime, General MacArthur is found dead, from a heavy blow to his head.Jan 17,  · ED Children live at duffys Mar 01,  · Watch video · I for one am someone who was inspired to read the book "We were Soldiers Once and Young" after seeing this movie.

Soldier Soldier

WWS is about a distinct event that actually happened. SGM Plumley was a soldier's soldier, with five combat jumps in three wars and an astounding three combat infantry badges/10(K). And Then There Were None is a mystery novel by English writer Agatha Christie, One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little Soldier Boys playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one and then there were five. Five little Soldier Boys going in for law. Jun 10,  · In fact, if you want a sensible portrayal of military life without the sensationalism or over the top flag-waving that's usually attached to such dramas then 'Soldier Soldier' is the one to watch.

It was a couple of series too long and it started to get tired /10(). We Were Soldiers is a American war film that dramatizes the Battle of Ia Drang on November 14, After landing in the "Valley of Death", the soldiers capture a North Vietnamese soldier and learn from him that the location they were sent to is actually the base camp for a veteran North Vietnamese army division of 4, billsimas.com by: Nick Glennie-Smith.

If I were a soldier, my first and foremost duty towards my motherland would be to save her integrity and sovereign­ty, and protect her from all outside enemy forces, even at the cost of my life. As.

If i were a soldier
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