Factors that affect customer loyalty towards retail sector marketing essay

Although a customer may not have enough information about a firm, information obtained from different sources such as advertisements and word of mouth will influence the process of forming the corporate image.

Generally, loyalty is something that consumers may exhibit to brands, services, stores, product categories.

To better serve customers, Maxis can look at the behavior of their repeat buyers and decipher the reason why they come back for more. Recommendation and Conclusion In a service industry that is becoming increasingly international, it is important to develop standardized measure to adequately capture consumer satisfaction, loyalty and commitment.

Campaigns to show that the company cares are critical to keep customers satisfied. Customers like to know that a company cares. Studies were also conducted in the financial services industry show that increasing customer loyalty by 5 percent could lead to percent profit growth Chan et al.

Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty

Hypotheses Development Based on the results of the previous studies, we formulated the hypotheses detailed below, with reference to the proposed conceptual model: Marketplace Another key factor is the marketplace itself.

Thus, companies recognized the need to place greater emphasis on customer loyalty as there is perceived to be a link to profitability. The third perspective combines both attitudinal and behavioral definitions of loyalty. There will be a positive relationship between service quality and customer loyalty.

Satisfaction When looked at in isolation, satisfaction can be deceptive. How digital can be used to build customer loyalty There are several ways in which business owners can build trust and loyalty online.

In this research, we proposed Maxis Communication Berhad as the research subject as it is known to be the main competitor in the mobile phone service market based in Malaysia. No amount of aggressive PR or marketing can save a product or service that just plain stinks. There will be a positive relationship between corporate image and customer loyalty.

In this article, we take a look at how digital impacts customer loyalty and what you can do to improve retention. In addition, Fishbein and Ajzen added on that attitudes are functionally related to behavioral intentions. Respondents are required to rank statements from 1 to number 7 based on their own perceptions and beliefs.

What You Should Know About This… The insurance industry has remained much the same for decades and, due to a risk-averse culture, particularly resistant to change. So they tried yours. Andreassen and Lindestad, This indicates that a desirable image leads to customer satisfaction and customer preference, while an undesirable image leads to dissatisfaction.

Use customer research to find out how your customers want to interact with your organisation and act upon it. Marketing The growth for mobile service has been gradually developing from a total number of subscribers of 1. Essentially, the independent variables include corporate image, trust, and service quality.

He further added that the quality of a service is dependent with two variables: Service Quality Gronroos defined service quality as a perceived judgment, resulting from an evaluation process where customers compare their expectations with the service they perceive to have received.

Potential variables are identified and discussed and they include corporate image, trust towards Maxis, and the service quality offered by Maxis. A survey was conducted within campus via questionnaires. Finally, due to the limitation of time and cost, we only conducted questionnaires on students of University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Here, we have stratified our population by genders, and respondents from different courses in a university. Trust is believed to be a critical variable that contributes to healthy and long-term relationships Anderson and Weitz, Survey questionnaires are the most familiar method to most people.

Offering savings, bonuses, and other forms of special attention to your loyal customers can not only keep them from going elsewhere, but may be the reason they recommend you to their friends. However even the most traditional of sectors are seeing disruption from technology and startups, banking and insurance included.Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The factors that affect customer satisfaction seem to vary from industry to industry and also seem to be influenced by the culture of the people.

7 Factors Affect Customer Loyalty

However, some factors are true in most cases that for the customer to be satisfied their. Customer loyalty and the factors that can contribute to success.

Some factors include convenience, expectation, customer service and more. Factors That Affect Customer Loyalty Towards Retail Sector Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Published: Although there are a lot of factors that affect customer loyalty, it is impossible to study all the factors together in a single research.

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Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty Towards Airlines Industry in Malaysia: An Exploratory Analysis Although they have lent themselves to a relationship marketing approach, many of the customer-related efforts of airlines center around loyalty programs that aim to increase What is the relationship between the factors of satisfaction.

Essay on Factors of Customer Loyalty in Banking Industry service quality, pricing and brand. Therefore, these could be the main factors that determine the level of customer loyalty towards Maxis. Customer Loyalty in Retail Sector Essay Role of Customer.

Factors that affect customer loyalty towards retail sector marketing essay
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