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The idea of Pear-shaped earth was first proclaimed by Sir James"Jeans by the beginning of 20th century. Still many animals like polar bears, penguins, kiwis are adapted to this kind of climate and live there. The inner layer of lithosphere has basaltic and ultra-basic rocks.

The earth being a spherical body has materials of varying densities at varying depths. Physical Aspects of Earth: This is not so in space. As a result of this new research has been carried out intensively on the physiological and psychological effects of space travel.

A good earth essay creates awareness of the issues facing our planet today. Any displacement of layers within the crust causes destructive phenomenon like earthquakes and land slides. The arrangement Essays on life on planet earth the planets in the solar system is also like a cigar-middle portion bigger and tapering towards the two ends.

Unlike other planets, the Earth has a strong magnetic field of its own, It is the densest planet. Although the last time there was a decrease in world population was because of the black plague if properly enforced an ideal solution could be to limit the amount of children a couple can have.

Life on earth is different from life in space or other planets since we are used to living in the presence of gravity.

The SIMA also has two layers—Inner silicate layer at the top with average thickness of to km and Transitional zone of mixed metals and silicates with an average thickness of to km. Potassium Aluminium Silicate Calcite: All rocks do not have same chemical composition and structure.

None of them will ever offer you unlimited revisions free of charge until you are satisfied. We are exterminating a huge producer of our oxygen by vigorously cutting down our trees. Uranus and Neptune have 17 and 8 satellites respectively. There are 4 main causes for the overpopulation of earth; decline in death rate, increase in birth rate, migration and lack of education.

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It has not been possible till today to collect direct evidences about the structure of the earth. This is why you may seek to break down some other minor points under the major points so as to reduce the number of paragraphs in your short college green earth essay.

The most abundant elements in nature are silicates, carbonates, chlorides, sulphates and oxides. Thus, it is unique among the planets having abundant water, an atmosphere and surface temperature condif that have supported life. All these physical characteristics of earth and its orbit of rotation and revolution allowed life to persist.

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The materials of this part may be in liquid, plastic or even solid state due to tremendous pressure from above. The structure of the earth is therefore layered. There are several hypotheses about the origin of the universe and the earth.

Structure your essay with 3 main sections. However, geographers and geologists have collected indirect evidences about the structures and composition. Earth essay for websites and blogs should provide interesting information to your readers.

The industrial emissions and boilers, and many others should be reduced. Looking from different angles, the Tidal Hypothesis of Jean and Jeffreys — well-known scientist of England has been found to be more acceptable. It is composed of Silicon, Iron and Oxygen. It assumes the properties of solid and partly plastic materials.

Its hardness is 5.

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Your earth essay whatever topic it may be on should be unique and have an edge over others. We will write a custom essay sample on Planet Earth or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Our technology has enabled us to create many vaccines, cures and comforts for those in need, and as a result people are living longer and healthier lives then ever before.

Mica is found in thin sheets. Right now there are more people than our mother earth is used to. Whether to create awareness, inform readers, or complete your paper you can find reliable help online for your earth essay.The other planet where probability of life surmised is the Mars.

Unlike other planets, the Earth has a strong magnetic field of its own, It is the densest planet. It shows evidences of erosion of its suit (change of landforms by actions of air and water etc.) which is complet lacking in other planets. In the book, Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S.

Lewis, three characters land on an extraterrestrial planet, Malacandra, to find its population consists of rational human-like beings that still resemble familiar animal life on Earth. Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Somewhere in the flotsam of celestial material that makes up the arms of the Milky Way is a little planet called Earth.

Home to roughly seven billion people, Earth plays host to a race that is both incredibly sadistic and unspeakably noble. Without water life on earth would not exist. Water also provides an environment for organisms to live in.

Water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom forming H2O. The two hydrogen’s and the oxygen bond together through covalent bonding, which is the sharing of electrons.

Essay on the Earth: Top 8 Essays on Earth. Article shared by: Another recent and most convincing proposition regarding the origin of the universe including the planet earth is the Big Bang Theory or Expanding Universe Theory. Eduin Hubble provided evidence of expanding universe in Evolution of the Earth and Life forms.

Earth is the only planet which sustains life and this unique capability is due to the presence of water bodies. Research and universe science has dated the formation to earth to nearly 4.

5 billion years back.

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