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When I was a student I know I wanted to be in a positive environment where I could concentrate to learn. If the character of the people of a country is strong, it will be very easy to overcome any crisis, however great. Upholders of custom view thinking as a threat because when people think they find problems in certain traditions.

I believe that every student is different but special in their own way. It is not two dimension but many more than that. Once the subject is reevaluated, it can lead to changes in both that subject and society.

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I will use assessments to monitor my students learning and will provide prompt feedback on assignments. Thus, the objectives to be achieved through education and training are many and comprehensive.

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Our schools, being the student body, the leaders, and everything in between are too caught up in the everyday cycle of busy work and assessments, to realize that these methods need to be replaced with new ones that open the minds of students to what they can fulfill with the right passion for their education and the true purpose of being educated.

Besides literary and aesthetic appeal of education, there are utilitarian aspects as well and they are equally important. I feel education is very important in every aspect and the focus should be on more than just the subjects being taught.

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Students should work hard to achieve their goals because it will certainly be worth it in the end. Yet, this way of thinking toward the new and the unknown frightens people into thinking their ideas will be unraveled. Students do deserve some type of recognition and praise when they have acted and done what they were supposed to.

The long term returns and benefits of investment in education, training and human resource development have been quite phenomenal, as is evident from the fantastic growth and development of these nations. Experiencing or going through certain things can also lead to learning.

The teacher and parents need to work together so that they are both in agreeance on things and in making sure the child is doing what they are supposed to.

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Instincts and physical needs alone can bring ants, bees, or herds of beasts together to live in a perfectly functioning animal society. If the character of the people is improved, many of the problems would take care of themselves.

These traditionalists are so afraid of change that they cannot see the good it could do. Retrieved July 3, from http: Therefore, they view thinking as to their way of life. They are certainly more likely to make a living wage when they grow older, which may keep people away from a life of crime. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Education work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

My thoughts are that students need to learn from the books along with other various materials just as I did while growing up. We learn from our surroundings and life requires every person to make choices and consequences follow those choices.Education plays a critical and most important role in our lives.

We must dedicate most of our time to education in order to have a stable and a better future. Education not only comes from the books and school teachers, but most importantly you gain knowledge and experience by socializing in life.3/5(9).

The public education is to prepare on how to conduct themselves in college In addition, the role of education is to prepare students for work. We will write a custom essay sample on The Purpose of Education specifically for you. Synthesis Essay: The Purpose of Education Everyday we go to school to receive our education, but what is the purpose of education?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, “The Purpose of Education” and Frank O’Connor’s short story, “Christmas Morning,” both discuss what is the purpose of education. This free Education essay on Essay: The purpose and importance of a good education is perfect for Education students to use as an example.

- The Purpose of Education In attempting to define the true purpose for education, people tend to focus on goals, which differ from one person to another. Most Americans approach education as a means to end. Many focus on the possible social, economic, and political benefits that can come from furthering education.

The purpose of education is to enable individuals to reach their full potential as human beings, individually and as members of a society. This means that individuals should receive an education which will enable them to think and act intelligently and purposefully.

Essay true purpose of education
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