Essay on family planning in india

Please note that, you are not allowed to copy this essay for your personal work or assignment. But the couple cannot keep off their union. So in order to attain the desired level of success, the male must be made to share the burden of family planning equally with the eligible female population of the country.

The fertility rates in India have dropped rapidly in rural areas, but are dropping at a stable rate in urban and populated areas.

Essay on Family Planning in India

Thus, millions of couples in the reproductive age group are being protected by one or another of the approved methods of family planning. Family Planning India is a vast and developing country. For disseminating knowledge about family planning and welfare all means of communication including mass media and inter-personal contact were extensively used.

United Nations Fund for Population Activities UNFPA has worked that such an increase in population will have adverse effect on the existing economic and social condition of our nation. It is a problem that concerns each citizen. To achieve these goals a broad-based mass education and motivation programme is being earnestly pursued.

Then and then alone can the country march forward. In keeping with the democratic traditions of the country, the family welfare programme seeks to promote the small family norm and reproduction and child health through free and voluntary choice. There have been several factors influencing recent trends in Indian fertility including, but not limited to: All contraceptive methods can be classified into two categories: Consequently, the experts have started sounding warning bells.

Our population is growing at the rate of 1. Thus it is found that in spite of India being one of the foremost countries to institute a national family planning programme as early as in the country has dismally failed to achieve the purpose till date. As per the last National Family Health Survey held init is found that only about Urban violence born out of increased cut-throat competition will touch a new height.

There were two most important reasons behind this success. What we need is an integrated and methodical approach to the problem. They consider the birth of child as a gift of god and accept the birth as a chance and not by choice.

Till today, India is number two in the world in terms of population. In this essay we will discuss about Family Planning Programme in India.1. Essay on the Meaning of Family Planning Programme: Since the inception of planning, the family planning programme has been introduced in India so as to control the rapid growth of population by resorting to family planning methods.

Planning is necessary to solve a problem. Now, India is facing an acute problem It is the problem of increasing population. Related Articles: Essay on Family Welfare Programme and Population Growth. Essay on “Family Planning and its need in India Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

About. Essay No. Family Planning. India is a vast and developing country.

Essay on Family Planning Programme in India

India’s population million is the second largest in the world. Essay on “The Problem of Beggary in India” Complete Essay for.

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Below is an essay on "Family Planning in India" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Family planning in India regarding contraceptive use, the unmet needs for limiting and. Free sample essay on Family Planning.

Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of money is being spent on it. Yet we are far from achieving our targets. India’s population is increasing fast in comparison to its dwindling and depleting resources.

Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of. Population and Family Planning Policy in India Population growth has long been a concern of the government, and India has a lengthy history of explicit population policy.

In the s, the government began, in a modest way, one of the earliest national, government-sponsored family planning efforts in the developing world.

Essay on family planning in india
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