Engl 3000

You have fulfilled the University Writing Skills Requirement, and no additional writing courses are needed.

Each essay demonstrates the following: Please see your instructor for criteria for achieving good academic standing. Neither your instructor nor the Testing Office staff evaluates your portfolio; they cannot tell the committee what score your portfolio should receive. Naturally your final grade for this course will reflect the quality of reading and writing you produce; it also depends on the Engl 3000 of your participation in the work of the course.

Your portfolio must be submitted Engl 3000 the submission deadline at the end of the class; it may not be submitted at a later date. Management of Source Materials: The Portfolio Evaluation Process The portfolio is evaluated by a university committee made up of faculty from across the disciplines.

Please direct any questions about your portfolio evaluation score to the Composition Coordinator, Dr.

Whereas the early comedies celebrate the conventions of courtship and the capriciousness of love, the late romances are less about lovers wooing one another and more about patterns of disorientation, recognition, and the possibilities of forgiveness.

Your portfolio evaluation will result in one of the three following assessments: Students who read closely and carefully and who actively participate in the work of the course will have the ability to do the following by the end of term: Each text-based essay includes the following: The Portfolio Scoring Guide Portfolios are evaluated using the scoring guide below.

Writing in portfolios showing Clear Competence will demonstrate the following qualities: Essential Plays and the Sonnets. Students must submit portfolios on time to fulfill the requirement necessary to advance to a second-tier course or meet the University Writing Skills Requirement.

We will learn to recognize how these genres differ from one another and also how Shakespeare invokes these forms only to then blur the lines among them.

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Margaret Rustick, at margaret. You must receive an evaluation of at least Developing Competence to move on to a second tier course.

The later tragedies also connect human relationships to political power but do so with tremendous skepticism and ambiguity. Each essay presents the following: Howard and Katharine Eisaman Maus, eds. The percentage breakdown is as follows: Your instructor will assist you with compiling your portfolio, will inform you of the submission due date, and will submit your portfolio for evaluation.

Your instructor can provide you with a more complete copy. Each essay employs the following: Thus, your thoughtful responses to the texts, your active participation in discussion posts, and your overall level of effort will greatly contribute to your final grade.

Interpret and analyze the assigned plays with a particular emphasis on language, genre, historical context and performance; Identify important cultural contexts of early modern drama such as antitheatricalism, religious reform, theater history, and theatrical space; Describe the link between page written text and stage performance ; Write clear, concise, analytical prose.Our editors have identified the 3, English words that are most important for Learners to know.

Study this list to improve your vocabulary. Here is the best resource for homework help with ENGL SHAKESPEARE/NONMAJORS at University Of Colorado, Boulder. Find ENGL study guides, notes, and. With 2, to 3, words, you can understand 90% of everyday English conversations, English newspaper and magazine articles, and English used in the workplace.

The remaining 10% you'll be able to learn from context, or ask questions about. However, it's essential to learn the right English vocabulary words, so you don't waste your time. Middle Tennessee State University unites the closeness of a small college with the opportunities of a large dynamic public university where students explore their intellectual potential and realize the promise in their futures.

ENGL Shakespeare for Nonmajors. 3 credit hours.

Introduces students to Shakespeare’s major works: the histories, comedies, and tragedies. May include the nondramatic poetry as well. Portfolio Evaluations: First Tier Course ENGL / (ENGL /) The Portfolio. Students who are enrolled in ENGL or ENGL (ENGL or ) in order to fulfill the University Writing Skills Requirement must submit a portfolio at the end of the quarter that consists of writing samples of work written in that course.

Engl 3000
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