Debopriyo chowdhury thesis

Giesbrechta, Russell Clarkec, Derek Abbotta " Incorporating this in our anal- Fig. Also, the maximum value of occurs when and is calculated to be. After graduation from Berkeley, he worked in in- dustry focusing on the design and research of analog RF integrated circuits and devices for wireless communication applications.

From this equation, we see that there exists an optimum winding inductance value that maximizes the transformer efficiency at a given frequency. This is discussed in detail in Appendix A. However, the passive network complexity is greatly Debopriyo chowdhury thesis in this topology.

System level considerations have been covered in details in that work. Normally, this would necessitate the use of a large DC-feed in- ductance. The PA is driven by digital inverters with rail-to-rail signals. The design of a mixed signal polar transmitter employing an inverse Class-D power amplifier has been presented by us in [1].

When the switch is turned on, as the transition frequency of the device is much higher than the operating frequency, the on state capacitance does not matter.

With a switch size of 2. Hence, it can be implemented as a trace or bond-wire inductance and no explicit choke is necessary. Monitoring the HF spectrum in the presence of noise by James E.

If this square wave was applied directly to the load re- sistorsignificant harmonic power would be wasted. In this thesis, we investigate a mixed-signal power amplifier architecture.

Power Added Efficiency An important metric for characterizing the efficiency of a PA is power added efficiency PAE and is defined as 18 where is the output power, is the input power required to drive the switches and the consumed dc power. Hence, in general we can assume that and its magnitude is close to zero as in a practical design will be chosen to be small.

The drain capacitance of the transistors are not a part of the matching network and need to be charged and discharged every cycle, leading to power dissipation. The paper is organized as follows. We can thus write the currents and through the on-resistance of the switches as 1a 1b Herewhere is the switching frequency and and are the transistor drain voltages shown in Fig.

The immediate aim is to show that commercial-of-the-shelf COTS equipment can be used to locate HF transmission sources, enhance SOIs and reject interference, and recognize signal types. We investigate entropic distance measures and coherence measures for recognizing HF modulations.CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Modern Communication Circuits.

DESCRIPTION. IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 47, NO. 5, MAY A Fully-Integrated Efficient CMOS Inverse Class-D Power Amplifier for Digital Polar Transmitters Debopriyo. Vizualizaţi profilul Chintan Thakkar pe LinkedIn, cea mai mare comunitate profesională din lume.

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A Fully-Integrated Efficient CMOS Inverse Class-D Power Amplifier for Digital Polar Transmitters

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Debopriyo chowdhury thesis
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