Cng crisis

Apart from busy routes, the problem persists during peak hours and mostly affecting the office-goers and students. Dixit said, "After much persistence, when the State Transport Authority agreed to increase auto fares after 8 long years, it increased fares only by 45 paise.

It is both strange and callous that, at a time like this, there is as much neglect of the Iranian gas pipeline.

For further distance, they are demanding to charge Rs 3. The recent increase in CNG price has only added to their woes, with the entire cost burden shifting on to the common man. The tempo Cng crisis are almost at par with autos.

Natural Gas

He said that the residents of Islamabad have been protesting against the shortage of gas supply, asking the court to vacate its stay order.

I agree with the proposal and Cng crisis like to add that in addition to having separate CNG outlets located at convenient places for commercial and public transport vehicles, these outlets should be closed for lesser duration than those meant for private vehicles, say for one Cng crisis instead of two.

Instead of doing its work ahead of schedule, Pakistan is hard put to complete its share of the work on time. When we make any objection, they start arguing. In August, the state government had increased the Cng crisis fare from Rs 5.

Pratigya Pandey, a student, travels by an auto from Charbagh to Sikandrabagh crossing daily. The National Assembly Standing Committee took up the matter because the strike has affected daily life very adversely.

The deliberate decision of auto-drivers of not ferrying passengers adds to the woes of commuters," said Rakesh Tewari, a commuter. It is claimed that nearly five million cars and thousands of metropolitan and intercity buses and wagons are presently running on CNG.

This is not sufficient to meet the cost of running an auto. With the exorbitant profit extracted by the owners of the CNG stations added, the prices were bound to skyrocket. This problem has been continuing for a month now," Pratigya said.

However, he said the CNG station owners have misinterpreted the court order believing that the notification issued in Augustenforcing three days of gas loadshedding for CNG stations in Islamabad, had been stayed.

We are forced to adopt wrong means to charge money -- either by quoting high price or overloading passengers.

The CNG crisis

The counsel requested the IHC to vacate the stay order and resume the three-day gas loadshedding plan for CNG stations. The apex court also ruled that the 50 percent profit margin on CNG was strangulating the consumers. Auto association demanding fare be increased by Rs 8.

The writer has given a good proposal to give some relief to public transport running on CNG. At a meeting with the OGRA chairman, attended by representatives of the ministries of petroleum and finance, the association of the owners of CNG maintained that the only way to make prices rational while ensuring relief to the masses was reduction in gas cess and gas surcharge There is in fact a need on the part of the government to review the taxes imposed on CNG and the gas station owners to bring down their profits to put an end to the miseries of the commuters that include among others students and people from low income groups travelling on transport using CNG.

The recent increase of CNG rates might further enhance their rates. Govt can only increase rates after January because fares can be raised only twice a year - in July and January. CNG prices hiked twice in past one month.

He said the CNG stations owners forcibly resisted SNGPL staff and obstructed them from performing their duty of implementing the load management schedule. A number of taxi cabs and public transport vehicles run on liquefied gas in the US, Canada, Italy and Japan in order to save the environment from pollution.

In addition, I will suggest that, in order to avoid traffic jams and hurdles on main roads due to queues by the vehicles to fill the CNG, the closure timings should be midnight instead of 9. Some drivers asked me to book the whole auto at a higher fare," she said. Shortly after fare hike, the CNG rates increased by about Rs 2.As motorists, both private and public, neared the end of the second week of the CNG strike, the pump owners’ representative, the All-Pakistan CNG Dealers.

Forget veggie oil, bio-diesel, power programmers and hydrogen water separators. And hear the gospel of CNG/diesel. The beauty of this system is if I can't find a Compressed Natural Gas fill up. Natural gas, a fossil fuel comprised mostly of methane, is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels.

It can be used in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or. THIS refers to Dr J. Effendi’s letter ‘Solution to CNG crisis’ (Nov 16). The writer has given a good proposal to give some relief to public transport running on CNG.

53 rows · CNG, compressed natural gas, is it the answer for the fuel crisis, better than bio fuel. CNG crisis but biggest one is illimitable license to CNG stations without considering the extensive usage in future and lack of new resources.

Now, more than .

Cng crisis
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