An analysis of the issue of the high salaries of professional athletes

To swing a bat and field ground balls six months out of the year. Many other athletes provide for their immediate and extended families. Even most medical doctors fail to earn such a sum during their entire working lives. That athletes are much better paid is prima facie evidence that people in this country have no appreciation for what is really important.

If those salaries begin to fall or large numbers of teams go bankrupt, however, beware: For the few who do make it into the pros, their expected tenure is short, maybe a few years on average.

Some of the details of the editorial are true. They buy the shoes their favorite athlete wears and all kinds of other merchandise. For players in less lucrative leagues, that one percent is a dream—over a full season, some barely break into the five-digit range.

Are They Paid Too Much? Not only is it difficult to argue against such numbers, but for those of us who believe in limited government, there is also a dark satisfaction gained by showing that living standards are down as government intervention in the economy has increased. They also attend miniature camps and their seasonal training camps.

These athletes work year round to earn their high salaries. The recognition that, in the market, the consumer is the ultimate boss does not rely on any idealized model of him as a perfectly rational, fully informed, utility-maximizing supercomputer, whose choices are beyond reproach and are incapable of being improved on through reasoned consideration.

Fans need to take a stand. However, if the bird died, it was a signal to the miners to get out immediately. But if we are to allow free speech and treat our fellow citizens as autonomous individuals responsible for and entitled to make their own decisions, then it follows that they must be allowed to evaluate arguments as to how they should allocate their time and resources themselves.

Is it just me, or does your wallet feel painfully light right now?

Visualizing the Yearly Salary of Professional Athletes, NBA Players Average $5+ Million a Year

As noted, individuals generally put spending for sports events far down on their list of priorities. Are they paid too much? They help our economy by spending unnecessary amounts of money. This Essay Professional Athletes Salaries: They have to pay for there five houses they own, their thirty cars they have, and all the other stuff they want to buy.

Still, professional athletes make more than what a teacher makes. And besides, if the owners can pay ballplayers that much, how much are they making? What should athletes deserve to be paid? In other words, he got most of his paycheck by sitting on the bench. Would you want your daughter watching a man on TV who had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl?

If the long-term benefits of trading a player outweigh the financial obligation i. She won a handsome settlement in civil court. But to succeed, both will be equally bound to judge accurately as to how much consumers will value his offerings.

For championship games held in states or municipalities that have a jock tax, players also have to pay when they win rings or cars. More fans leads to more revenue. He or she may also be expected to pay the league additional fines. And how about Alex Rodriguez?

This is all they know how to do.

Athletes' Salaries Too High? Sports Fans, Blame Yourselves

Nor do most professional athletes strike it rich. Assume that Joe is a teacher and is paid once a month. In boxing and some other individual-based sports, athletes are usually paid per match or per round.What do athletes’ salaries say about American values? That we still have some industries free of the government’s clutches — for.

Athletes' Salaries Too High? Sports Fans, Blame Yourselves. In the Market, the Consumer Is the Ultimate Boss is that the discussants themselves ultimately are the ones setting such high rewards for being an outstanding athlete.

It is the very fans who often grumble about the “ridiculous” wages paid to top athletes who in effect set. The figures are staggering, with NBA's average player salary clocking in at $ million, $ million more than players in Major League Baseball who average close to $ million a year.

Major League Soccer rounds out the bottom of the list, with players making a relatively meager average salary of $ million. The Usage of Twitter Amongst Professional Athletes - an analysis of the issue of overpaid athletes Analysis An and money doesnt seem to be an issue Athletes are Home Industry split on whether NBC overpaid for Olympics Vol Issue 6 an analysis of the issue of overpaid athletes.

The professional athletes’ high salaries can be best understood by taking a pragmatic view of the issue. The first explanation is that high salaries of professional athletes are simply the outcome of economics forces of demand and supply. The issue of player salaries is an emotional one because it touches on our human instincts for fairness.

I think that's partly why so many people object to the high salaries for many professional athletes.

11 Things You Might Not Know About Athlete Salaries

NBA Analysis: Are Warriors Taking Too Long to Hire a Coach?

An analysis of the issue of the high salaries of professional athletes
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